Bowie High School Theater

ClientEl Paso Independent School District
LocationHouston, Texas
Area53,000 SF
Budget$3.3 Million

This Fine Arts Theatre is a state-of-the-art facility enriching Bowie High School student’s life and elevating the community quality of life. Drama and comedy fill the school every year thanks to the auditorium with a stage UIL, a “One Act Play” stage and a seating capacity for 500 students. The theater counts with storage and dressing rooms behind the stage.
Additionally, the theater building has wing dedicated exclusively for music where ample facilities make it possible to have several activities practicing simultaneously: there is room for two choirs; one of up to 96 students and a second one with up to 90 students, a 50-piece orchestra, a band and orchestra. Each of these has dedicated spaces with an office for the instructors and a storage area for instruments and uniforms. This wing also contains a music library, 4 common practice rooms, and an ensemble room.