Horizon City Municipal Complex

ClientHorizon City
LocationHorizon City, Texas
Area21,000 SF
Budget$6.4 Million

This 21,000 SF facility will house the Town of Horizon Police HQ/Station and a temporary Town Hall/Municipal Courts. The site features a future central plaza in front of the building, flanked by two future buildings on either side of the plaza. The result will be a cohesive, urban space with a strong sense of civic identity.

The flexible floorplan for the Municipal Courts and Town Hall encompasses a jury assembly room, judge chambers, holding cells, clerk’s office, and general public sitting. During the day, the building will serve as municipal court, while after-hours, it will house City Council meetings.  The Police Station area includes general offices holding cells, a fitness room, lockers, and a kennel.

There are two public parking areas on both sides of the building for the police and the municipal/town hall court visitors. The third is a secured parking area for the judges and police-marked and unmarked vehicles. There is also a rear holding-cell sally port. The IT design services called for a radio transmission tower and intelligent access to areas with different levels of security.