HUB International Insurance

ClientJDW Insurance
LocationEl Paso, Texas
Area22,500 SF
Budget$1.4 Million

EXIGO’s team worked in the design-build project of JDW Insurance’s new headquarters. It is located in two floors of the Chase Tower downtown El Paso. It houses their corporate office and Varay, one of their subsidiaries. Designing and building collectively the new common areas, restrooms and lobby, created a more harmonious, contemporary space addressing the client’s needs. This project not only consisted of fresh new design looks but new construction approaches; it has 4” raised flooring with modular carpet for ease of electrical and voice/data installations, changes and additions can be made with minimum effort, walls are also prefabricated and modular, meaning offices can be resized, relocated and/or reconfigured with minimum effort. The ceiling and lighting are also modular and will work with any new office configuration.