(x) exact. Hence partic. exactus, accurate, precise, exact.

We’re architects, artists and dreamers. We dream of what could be, and we make it happen with precision. We understand budgets, functionality, compliance and construction.

We pride ourselves in being architects who understand it is an art and a science.

We are precise in our plans.

We understand it is your building, your mission and we are thrilled to be a part of your ambitious goals.


Exigo is proud to support the arts by creating functional, and meaningful museum and cultural buildings.  Our designs are realistic, yet beautiful centers for the arts and culture that offer education, inspiration, and fun. Our projects create places where people can come together to celebrate the unique missions and programs of each of our  museum clients. Our renovation projects give each  museum a refreshed identity, one that is designed to captivate each visitor’s attention, while drawing them in for enriching experiences.


Let us introduce you to the dedicated and creative individuals that make up exigo

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